mind realestate

The more responsibilities, and worries, and stress, and plans and work you have going on, the less free space you have in your head for creative thought. It becomes a depressing trap. The spirit is withered by the dull grind of daily life. You can’t think about an alien world or a mystical dragon because you’re thinking about paying your taxes or taking out the trash or how to pay the mortgage or your appointment with the doctor or your promotion or how messy the house is or how to get the car repaired or the family reunion or your kid’s grades or fixing the ceiling fan or cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes or doing the laundry or taking the cat to the vet or a million other things that can’t be avoided and take up all the space your mind has to breathe.

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to be creative without being slovenly antisocial hermits…

maybe they don’t….


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