mind realestate

The more responsibilities, and worries, and stress, and plans and work you have going on, the less free space you have in your head for creative thought. It becomes a depressing trap. The spirit is withered by the dull grind of daily life. You can’t think about an alien world or a mystical dragon because you’re thinking about paying your taxes or taking out the trash or how to pay the mortgage or your appointment with the doctor or your promotion or how messy the house is or how to get the car repaired or the family reunion or your kid’s grades or fixing the ceiling fan or cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes or doing the laundry or taking the cat to the vet or a million other things that can’t be avoided and take up all the space your mind has to breathe.

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to be creative without being slovenly antisocial hermits…

maybe they don’t….


Thanks for existence, universe!

I’m thankful to exist, to be able to experience pleasure and thought and excitement and wonder, and even to experience sadness and longing and melancholy–because these are all things, all flavors of the world that mix together to make the meal of life.

I’m thankful I can write without pain, and think without pain, and am grateful for every minute that I can.

I’m thankful I was born in such a place and raised in such a way that I turned out as me.

I’m thankful to live in a society with free access to information, and in a time where anyone can learn anything they want if they work at it hard enough.

I’m thankful that I’ve got imagination, intuition and improvisation skills.

I’m thankful for my wife and cat and family and friends!

Hi Friends

You are awesome, even when you feel alone or sad or in pain. Don’t let fear stop you from reaching out to a friend for a conversation when you need one. The person you reach out to just might need to talk themselves, too…

Life isn’t easy. Life often sucks. You don’t have to force a smile and play pretend when you feel like giving up. Let someone know. More people care about you than you think.

And when someone pings you on whatever messenger with a simple hello or ‘hey what’s up?’ remember that they might be in need of friendship just as much as you are on your worst days.

There are hands around you waiting to be grasped. You don’t have to float through life alone.

Keep going

Sometimes life is boring, repetitive, tiring, uninteresting, painful, frustrating, and upsetting. But keep going, one step in front of the other, one minute after the other, one day after the next, until you get to the next good thing. Even if you don’t see it on the horizon, it’s out there.


Is very pretty when the sunlight hits it at the right angle. I’ve noticed this while making my coffee in the morning the past few days. The first time I was just staring, wondering how I never noticed steam in my life until now. But I guess steam + sunlight isn’t so common an occurrence, maybe?

I wish I could take a picture, but my camera won’t capture it. I can see each little particle. They move in swirls and puffs and look like miniature water droplets (I guess they are?) in a continual splash. The light makes them sparkle.

I wonder what else I see every day that I’ve failed to notice…

Everyone is a skeleton inside

Sometimes I see someone with a certain head shape and become very conscious of their skull moving around beneath their flesh. What strange bags of meat and bone we are.

Everything that makes you you, is electricity flashing in a few pounds of water and fat, balancing precariously on a pedestal of collagen and calcium.

Maybe the way we decorate our soft machines shouldn’t be so important…


What if instead of working 5 days, then having two days off, we worked five years, then had two years off? Or maybe, five lives then two lives of luxury. I hope this is my friday life, and I’m reborn rich or powerful and can spend all my time reading, thinking, and creating. Though if I were born rich or powerful, I’d probably not appreciate it, and just spend my time trying to get more rich and powerful…