I am a writer of science fiction, strange fiction, and literary fiction. I’ve written near 100 short stories, a few of which people have actually read, and fewer still of which have been published. I have written a novel, two novellas, and these will hopefully someday be out in the world for you to read!

I am an editor at Lucent Dreaming magazine, and have learned a lot from my time slush reading and editing stories there. I like to think it has improved my own writing quite a bit. Rejections are near as hard to send as they are to receive…

On this blog, I write about the books I’m reading, the movies and shows I’m watching, and share my thoughts about writing, or thoughts about nothing. I hope you leave a comment, or click like to let me know my readers are not just figments of my imagination 🙂

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Twitter: @TheJonasDavid

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/thejonasdavid/




3 Replies to “About”

  1. I just read “Deathday” on Daily Science Fiction. Nice tale, well-told. It felt like the type of short story that could evolve into something larger. That’s always a good sign. Keep up the good work.

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