The pieces are not the whole

People (or corporate entities, which are people for tax reasons i guess) often mistake the elements of some piece of entertainment or art, to be the things that make it good or enjoyable in themselves. This song is popular, they think, so lets make a song using the same sounds and it will also be popular. People like this character, they think, so lets make a character that dresses like them and people will like him also.

These kind of people would think ‘oh, they like coffee? it must be caffeine! lets give them more caffeine in their coffee!’

Oh…. I guess someone already did

MORE of something or BIGGER something doesn’t make it more popular or better…

Or they might take all the elements of coffee–coffee beans, sugar, hot water, etc–and just throw them in a bowl and expect people to like it as much as coffee…

It works just as badly with books and movies.


Is very pretty when the sunlight hits it at the right angle. I’ve noticed this while making my coffee in the morning the past few days. The first time I was just staring, wondering how I never noticed steam in my life until now. But I guess steam + sunlight isn’t so common an occurrence, maybe?

I wish I could take a picture, but my camera won’t capture it. I can see each little particle. They move in swirls and puffs and look like miniature water droplets (I guess they are?) in a continual splash. The light makes them sparkle.

I wonder what else I see every day that I’ve failed to notice…

The next batch of words

I’ve been a bit stuck for the past few days, but the next scene has come to me. Thanks muse! Now I feel the floodgates will open again soon…

Sometimes I feel like (given my limited experience writing novels) the first 20 or 30% of writing is pulling things out of thin air. Then the rest is making them all fit together. That is percent total work, though, not done necessarily in order. (I have pulled a lot of things out of thin air that I haven’t written yet, for example, as well as connected some things that I haven’t yet written)

Eventually though I will reach the point where it’s time to stop making things up, and start focusing on connecting all the rest of the things that are unconnected. I may be nearing that point? It feels somewhat like it. I have the end in mind, and most of the themes are in place, and important characters introduced… we’ll see.

Feeling good about the progress I’ve made in the mindscape today though!

Doers and preservers

I just listened to the section in Crime and Punishment featuring the talk about Raskolnikov’s article. (very minor spoilers) The article talks about what Raskolnikov calls ‘ordinary’ and ‘extraordinary’ people, and their differences. The ordinary people, he says, are happy to be ruled and told what to do, and have not many exciting or interesting ideas, and live normal, daily lives of work, family, and happiness. ‘Extraordinary people’ are geniuses, leaders, inventors, and those who ‘create new words’. These people are not as bound by authority, and rules. This being the major point. Ordinary people are bound by the law, extraordinary people are not. Extraordinary people’s conscience allows them to break the law for their ideals/inventions/causes, without guilt, or with some remorse but knowing it’s worth it in the long run. Raskolnikov says these people have ‘the right to break the law’. Not that they have the right to go unpunished, but that their conscience gives them the right to break the law without guilt.

This started me thinking about similar thoughts I’ve had. Not about crime, or punishment, but about people’s reactions toward new ideas in general.

There seems to be (generally) two kinds of people, but instead of ordinary and extraordinary, I thought of them as ‘preservers’ and ‘doers’

Preservers are resistant to change and want to keep things the way they are, or if they want change they want it to be the way something was in the past. When presented with a new idea, new cause, new invention, new way of looking at things, new discovery–they will find the problems with it, the reasons not to embrace it, the reasons it is dangerous and should be avoided, the reasons it is wrong or immoral. This seems to me to be the majority of people, though I do not think that makes them ordinary.

The ‘doers’ are the people who present the new ideas, strive for change in our way of life, make discoveries and propose inventions, etc. They fight passionately for these ideas regardless of the negative consequences, possibly without even looking for or imagining there could be negative consequences. These people seem to be a minority–at least the ones we hear about.

I think we need both kinds of people. We can’t embrace every idea that anyone has, we need the preservers to knock down and find the negative side of every crap idea to prevent them from getting anywhere. The ideas that are strong enough to survive the attacks of the preservers, will eventually convince them.

Of course, someone could be both preserver and doer, and probably most people have a lot of both in them. But it seems that those who make big discoveries and movements and inventions are less negative people who are willing to embrace an idea regardless, or in spite of consequences.

So next time you’re reading the comments on an article about some neat new thing, and run into the inevitable crowd of people finding something wrong with it or dangerous or saying ‘oh no humanity will end because abc,’ try not to be annoyed, and instead be glad–they’re doing a job you don’t have the pain of having to do! (or if you do, I thank you that I don’t have to be the one doing it!)

Game of thrones, final season, ep 1

What a delicious banquet!

Spoilers of course…

I find it hilarious that after six seasons of building up the importance of the wall, and how its mankind’s last defense against the night, and how critical it is to keep it armed and so on–the zombies just walk around it. (according to the Hound’s vision, anyway)

I hope we finally get some use out of Bran this season, so far all he’s done is brain Hodor.

Lady Mormont is still a badass

I’m wondering if the Hound will die (again), since they seem to be trying quite hard lately to make us like him

Also hypothesizing that Jamie will die, then Cersie will have lost every person she cares about

Will Tormund and Brienne get together????


Birds will inherit the world

After humans are extinct, birds will be the next to conquer the world with their minds. We’ve already seen that ravens and crows can understand death, solve complex puzzles, and remember human faces–now it seems they can plan for the future at least as well as a human child.

What would a world ruled by birds look like? Will they fill all of humanity’s niches after we’ve gone? What kind of tools would birds invent? Will they discover the secrets of the universe a million years from now?

Maybe, if we don’t take them down with us…

Flying through space and time

You’re doing it while sitting there reading this. The earth moves, the solar system moves, the galaxy moves. All of them very fast. And time flies by. Probably it warps around us and slows or speeds relative to other planets and other galaxies, but always in one direction, sadly. Don’t waste it!