Stop thinking up reasons not to write

Whenever I don’t know what to blog about (like today) I just open up ‘Several Short Sentences about Writing’ to a random page, and then I have a blog topic.

Today, I read this:

Anything you think you need in order to write–or be ‘inspired’ to write or ‘get in the mood’ to write–becomes a prohibition when it’s lacking. Learn to write anywhere, at any time, in any conditions, with anything, starting from nowhere. All you really need is your head, the one indefensible requirement.

So many ‘writer memes’ I see are about whatever special pen or lucky notebook, or certain ritual that writers have to do in order to write. They write at 4pm exactly, in a room with complete silence, with no messes and when they have their tea in a certain mug, and with a specific song playing. All this is, really, is a list of reasons not to write. Can’t find my notebook? Guess I won’t write today. Out of tea? Guess I won’t write.

Maybe instead we could come up with a list of reasons TO write. Have a blog and write a post every day. Write 50 words before you can have a drink at the end of the day. Write 200 words before you can watch your favorite show. Make up your own! Write everywhere, about everything!


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