Amaranthine logophilia

I’m still flipping slowly through the dictionary, and am still, as you see, in the A’s. I came across another one I like quite a bit, and will probably use:

Amaranth: A flower that never fades,

Which leads to Amaranthine: Undying.

Those words are both ear-catching. I love the shape and sound of them.

Words are like finely crafted little puzzle pieces that fit with each-other in a myriad of ways. Each new piece you add to your pile expands the pictures you can create..


Oh my God the dictionary!

I started reading it… and am wondering why I never did this before. It’s like walking through a treasure-filled cavern and snatching up any glinting piece that pulls my eye. So many words! I wish I had a randomized version of the dictionary so that all my new words wouldn’t start with A, but here are a few I never knew, and that I especially like:

ab·at·toir  (1820)    : SLAUGHTERHOUSE

abe·ce·dar·i·an  : one learning the rudiments of something (as the alphabet) abecedarian adj (1665)    1 a : of or relating to the alphabet  b : alphabetically arranged    2 : RUDIMENTARY

abu·lia  (ca. 1864)    : abnormal lack of ability to act or to make decisions — abu·lic \-lik\ adj

ace·dia (1607)    : APATHY, BOREDOM

And I’m only up to ‘ac’ 😮

What other discoveries await me?


mind realestate

The more responsibilities, and worries, and stress, and plans and work you have going on, the less free space you have in your head for creative thought. It becomes a depressing trap. The spirit is withered by the dull grind of daily life. You can’t think about an alien world or a mystical dragon because you’re thinking about paying your taxes or taking out the trash or how to pay the mortgage or your appointment with the doctor or your promotion or how messy the house is or how to get the car repaired or the family reunion or your kid’s grades or fixing the ceiling fan or cleaning the bathroom or washing the dishes or doing the laundry or taking the cat to the vet or a million other things that can’t be avoided and take up all the space your mind has to breathe.

Sometimes I wonder how people manage to be creative without being slovenly antisocial hermits…

maybe they don’t….



What if instead of working 5 days, then having two days off, we worked five years, then had two years off? Or maybe, five lives then two lives of luxury. I hope this is my friday life, and I’m reborn rich or powerful and can spend all my time reading, thinking, and creating. Though if I were born rich or powerful, I’d probably not appreciate it, and just spend my time trying to get more rich and powerful…


Too many words

I’m still reading 1Q84. It is very long. About 1200 pages long. And I wonder, how many of these words are really necessary? He likes to describe the preparation of food, and describe jazz and classical music, and describe all kinds of things the characters are doing or seeing at a level of detail that seems disproportionate to their relevance to the story. I don’t get bored or tired reading it, but I do notice it. And when I wonder how the book can be so long, I suspect that is a part of the reason…

I suspect that Murakami quite enjoys writing about these things, and just has a very weak willed editor…


Flying far away

I’m getting on a plane to Singapore this evening, to fly across the sea to see my lady’s family. And have some fun exploring too!

It will be the third time I’ve done so, and I think I’m getting pretty good at traveling. Bringing less, and having less stress each time.

I hope to keep up writing during the trip, but that is always easier said than done, so I’ve front-loaded a crap-load of posts about alternate worlds.

Perhaps a pic or two will make it in as well…


Are you begging? (72 hour read)

When I’m scrolling through my reader here on WordPress, I often see posts with a little parenthetic in the title like: (2 minute read). I’m trying to put a finger on why I almost never read these posts.

I feel a resistance to click on them at all, when I see those. Unless the title is something very interesting or relevant to me, I won’t click.

It feels almost like a sort of pleading. Please, please read this, it’s so short, it won’t be but a few minutes of your time!

Why should you feel the need to advertise that your post is brief?  This doesn’t say very much about your writing that you feel required to assure me I won’t have to endure it for long…