Random Game of Thrones thoughts

I really wish Jon Snow would have stayed dead.

All the rumors and articles and talk of him coming back made it into an expected, taken for granted event. There was no tension, no curiosity. And it undercut the power of his death, which was a nice mirror of his father’s death. His coming back so quickly and easily, and with no consequence to anyone, sucked.

I would have been thrilled and cheering if the red woman’s spell did nothing, and they cut to a pyre. That is the kind of subversion I expect from GRR.

But the show has lost its ‘anyone is at risk, anything can happen’ tension. Jon is an invincible Mary Sue. He should have died at the battle of the bastards. He should have died trapped on the ice with the zombies. He should have died when he fell through the ice. It is getting tiring.



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