Stranger Things: Season 2 Episode 1

[Spoilers]The season gets started with a bang. We are introduced to some new characters, in a car chase, and one of them has mental powers like 11, except this girl 008, is older, and her powers are mental instead of physical (she puts thoughts in minds instead of physically pushing, throwing people)

Then we get back to the kids we’re familiar with, and they are scrounging up money to go to an arcade. It seems desperately important to them. And we get a fun scene of them playing a game 80’s kids will be familiar with…

At school, the kids witness a really cool guy drive up in a muscle car with the scorpions blaring, and step out wearing an all denim outfit, and sporting a shaggy mullet. They all think he looks cool and badass, but it’s really hilarious the way it was shot.

In the end we find that things are not as resolved as we thought they were at the end of s1, there are still bad guys out there, and rifts šŸ˜®

And… we get to see 11! With hair!

I’m looking forward to learning more about this new girl, and what kind of powers she has. I hope she and 11 can meet soon, and we get to learn more of their origins and how they all came to be.

Also… new character Max joining the crew? More video game scenes? I think so


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