Stranger Things: Season 2 episode 2

Happy Halloween!

The pumpkin plague is spreading, and not just pumpkins, but trees and crops of all kinds are rotting and covered in slime. Some giant thing from the upside down is causing it to be sure.

We get a flashback to the end of season 1 and see what happened to 11. The scenes of her surviving in the snow in the woods were really effective and well done. Though, poor squirrel!

Max’s brother is a real douche, and I can’t wait to see someone bust his nose. I sure hope someone does…

11’s powers seem to be increasing. Last season, she needed an elaborate isolation tank to do the things she is now doing with just a blindfold…. what else could she do next?

No more mention of 008… will she be friend of foe?


Stranger Things: Season 2 Episode 1

[Spoilers]The season gets started with a bang. We are introduced to some new characters, in a car chase, and one of them has mental powers like 11, except this girl 008, is older, and her powers are mental instead of physical (she puts thoughts in minds instead of physically pushing, throwing people)

Then we get back to the kids we’re familiar with, and they are scrounging up money to go to an arcade. It seems desperately important to them. And we get a fun scene of them playing a game 80’s kids will be familiar with…

At school, the kids witness a really cool guy drive up in a muscle car with the scorpions blaring, and step out wearing an all denim outfit, and sporting a shaggy mullet. They all think he looks cool and badass, but it’s really hilarious the way it was shot.

In the end we find that things are not as resolved as we thought they were at the end of s1, there are still bad guys out there, and rifts šŸ˜®

And… we get to see 11! With hair!

I’m looking forward to learning more about this new girl, and what kind of powers she has. I hope she and 11 can meet soon, and we get to learn more of their origins and how they all came to be.

Also… new character Max joining the crew? More video game scenes? I think so

Happy Death Day

In the style of Groundhog Day, or more recently Edge of Tomorrow, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is a college student living the same day over and over. Except she keeps getting murdered.

I never know what to expect from movies anymore, but I usually default toward expecting them to be dumb. This one was less dumb than I expected, and actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

Different than most slasher, horror flicks, we get a lot more death in this one because the main character can die over and over in all kinds of ways. It’s not very gore heavy, which is great by my standards, but it still manages to be very tense. Ā The fact that you know she’s going to just wake up each time she dies makes it even more impressive that they kept any tension at all.

I laughed a couple times, smiled more than a few, and cringed and gasped once or twice too. But most of all, my attention was held the entire time.

Only a few things irritated me, one being when she finds out that Carter–the guy who’s dorm room she is waking up in over and over–and she didn’t have sex (which she’d assumed she must have) but that he just put her in his bed because she was pass out drunk. There is a little smile and ‘dawwww moment between them. But all I can think is ‘she’s feeling warm and fuzzy that he DIDN’T RAPE her?’ But I guess expecting not to be raped on a college campus might be a lot to ask these days…

Another thing that annoyed me is, sorry to spoil but, there is never a reason why she is living the day over and over. The opening leads me to believe it has something to do with her mom’s death, but that never comes into play.

In Groundhog Day we find out he had to be a good person, in Edge of Tomorrow it was alien blood/slime, but in this one it’s a big ???

That, however annyoing it might sound, is actually not a big deal though, because the movie is so fun, and Jessica Rothe is so good. I expect she’ll be in a lot more movies soon, she was very charming and convincingly scared or terribly mean as was required of her.

Good stuff!