Annihilation movie

Have you seen this trailer?

I’m excited mostly by the ‘writer and director of Ex Machina‘ which is one of the few good sci fi movies to come out in years. The concept and ambiance of this novel (Annihilation (The Southern Reach Trilogy)) was very creepy, weird, and interesting, and if they can translate it into film it will be awesome!

It’s a big if, though. The trailer always looks awesome, but movies are experts at being piles of crap that look nice.

Every once in a while there is a gem though, like Ex Machina, or Arrival. I have some hopes that this could be one of those!

And if it is… maybe we’ll get two more with Authority (The Southern Reach Trilogy) and Acceptance (The Southern Reach Trilogy)!

One Reply to “Annihilation movie”

  1. I’m curious to see it, but don’t have high hopes. The question seems less if they can capture the feel, and more will they even try. Annihilation was weird and unsettling in subtle ways, and subtle movies aren’t in fashion. I see this trailer and imagine a heartless rendition that is more action than contemplation, with a few jump scares thrown in.

    As far as them continuing the series, I have doubts. From the trailer, I think they might have taken bits from all three and made it into one movie. I can’t knock them for it if they did. The books were wonderful, but Authority in particular would never translate to the big screen as it’s basically “weird things happen amid office politics.”

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