Writing a story is like having sex… exciting, fun, heart-pounding, sometimes messy and awkward, but always enjoyable when there is passion involved.

Then, editing is like raising the child…


I often feel like I’m in an unresolved quantum state of love/hate toward my own writing. It fluctuates so quickly sometimes that I can’t even read it. Nothing cures that like a rejection. Rejections magnify all faults and mute all positives. Now, maybe I can actually look at this story long enough to work on it. It’s been a while since I’ve been in the submission game, got to get used to this distressing waiting and constant disappointment again!

Annihilation movie

Have you seen this trailer?

I’m excited mostly by the ‘writer and director of Ex Machina‘ which is one of the few good sci fi movies to come out in years. The concept and ambiance of this novel (Annihilation (The Southern Reach Trilogy)) was very creepy, weird, and interesting, and if they can translate it into film it will be awesome!

It’s a big if, though. The trailer always looks awesome, but movies are experts at being piles of crap that look nice.

Every once in a while there is a gem though, like Ex Machina, or Arrival. I have some hopes that this could be one of those!

And if it is… maybe we’ll get two more with Authority (The Southern Reach Trilogy) and Acceptance (The Southern Reach Trilogy)!

Leveled up

I feel like I’ve gained a new writing power–the power to do multiple things. I wrote two short stories in the past week, and went back to my novel without a problem. In the past, whenever I paused anything, even for a short while, to do something else, I’d lose all interest and never go back to it.

Now with this newfound power of retained focus, can I write two long things an once?? It remains to be seen, I’m not sure I am ready to try that yet… But at least I know now that it is safe to take a short story break here and there!

A likable “I”

I started reading The City & The City, by China Mieville and my disappointment at it being in first person was quickly quashed by the great writing and non-annoying character.

Too many times, first person narratives have the same arrogant, ‘quirky,’ snide, sarcastic character that everyone around them seems to love, but I want to punch in the face as I’m reading.

I suppose I haven’t read enough first person narratives. This one so far is a normal human character, not someone trying to force their personality down your throat in every paragraph. It’s nice. I can’t say that I ‘like’ him, yet, but this kind of writing certainly makes it easier to like the character.

Interested for more…

Trial and error?

I’m still listening to The Trial, and it has less of an effect on my nerves now, and is more just absurd and confusing.

The law system the story is describing, is bizarre, and seems completely removed from reality, though it is a dark mirror of bureaucracies in general, I suppose. The character has no idea what he’s been charged with, and no one seems to even care. That bit of information seems not even to matter to anyone at all. The character has stopped even asking or thinking about it while he works his way through the court system trying to figure out how to get his case done with.

I find it a bit hard to identify with the character for this reason. Every new person he encounters who wants to help him with his case, the first thing out of my mouth would be ‘I have no idea what I’m even accused of!’ but it seems this point is taken for granted by everyone involved.

I am curious how this will end because everyone he’s encountered seems to think it out of the question he’ll be found innocent, and thinks it’s pointless to even try for that.

Name one

Name a first person novel where the character isn’t annoying, stupid, or an asshole–I’d like to read it.

Maybe it’s because people never see their own faults, I suppose that’s realistic but it’s still annoying.

(almost) Every novel I’ve read in first person the character does irrational, stupid, or asshole-ish things, and never acknowledges it or suffers any consequences for it.

It’s very frustrating.

I get that when a person is telling their own story, they are never going to make themselves the bad-guy, but it’s really not as much fun to read as an objective account of things.

Anyway. ¬†Just some complaining…