Who wrote this?

I’ve been re-watching season one of the new Doctor Who, and it is so refreshingly good from the newer seasons. Mainly because it makes sense, character’s choices have reasons, cause and effect exist, etc. That is, until I got to ‘the empty child’. Watching that I started to have the same, vaguely annoyed feeling of ‘what? ugh, I don’t care’ that I get so often in the new Doctor Who episodes, when I have no idea why anything is happening. I looked the episode up on IMDB and, surprise, Stephen Moffat is the writer.

The Empty Child is the first episode that made me sigh with frustration and boredom, and it’s the first one that Stephen Moffat wrote. Not a coincidence. How he became so popular and such a dominant writer of the show I have no idea. But I hope he goes away in this next season, or I probably won’t bother, even with the intriguing new woman doctor.


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