Sunday, and no Game of Thrones…

What will we do every Sunday for the next year and a half? What will we talk and theorize about? What will we yell at our friends for not watching? What will we spoil accidentally and ruin friendships over?

Well, there are other shows on their way. There is season 2 of Stranger Things this fall, though, being Netflix most people will probably watch it all in one sitting. There’s season 8 of Walking Dead, though I never watched that show past season 2 so won’t be partaking. There’s the new Star Trek Discovery, which I’m very excited and apprehensive about, but most people don’t care about Star Trek…

There are hundreds of shows out there, it’s hard to decide which one will be good. I don’t have enough time to try them out, so I’ll wait till I start hearing people talk about one as much as they did about Game of Thrones…


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