Game of thrones episode 5 Eastwatch

More forcing of Dany and Jon together, even though Dany and Jorah had more chemistry than those two. Even her interactions with Drogo felt less forced…

But it was rad seeing Jon pet a dragon. He’s going to ride one, next to Dany and some other mysterious third person will ride the third dragon. But who?? There has been no evidence of a third Targaryan, though I keep hearing people mention one… if it’s evidence in the books, okay, but we should have got some hint by now in the tv show as well.

Could Cersie really be pregnant, or is she making it up to be sure Jamie is loyal to her? I hope it’s real, and I hope she gives birth to a dwarf…

Everyone was so angry at Sam for interrupting Gilly’s important reveal! Jon Snow is not a snow after all? Jon, not a bastard??? Does this make him the rightful heir to the throne? Either way, it was exciting to see Sam take those books and scrolls and hit the road. His dream was always to be a maester, but if they won’t give him what he needs to help save the world, he’s gunna take it and go on his own. Sam is turning out to be one of the strongest, best characters on the show.

It was cool to see Genry swing his huge hammer, but come ON Tyrion, can’t you just LOOK? You’re coming down the side of a cliff, how can you not see those guards and just hide for two minutes. Especially after we just saw Davos do the most awesome smuggler stuff. (In d&d terms his bluff skill and charisma are off the charts!) But as soon as he gets it all taken care of with his smooth talking, Tyrion comes stomping down the path without a thought to anything.

Littlefinger is a clever, clever man and his use of Sansa’s old force-written note to make her look bad to Arya was a work of genius. But does Arya know she was played? Maybe she’ll turn the tables on him and play him right back. Or, perhaps Bran will inform her, if he somehow knows…

The night king has powers… he saw Bran warging into the ravens, before that he saw Bran in the dreamworld… what other powers does this guy have??

I think we’ll find out next episode!


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