Becoming critical

I remember I used to love every book I read. Now I find it harder to do so. Probably this is a consequence of reading a lot of books. I have a higher baseline of quality. I also have seen so many plots/ideas/character types that they don’t impress me or excite me anymore.

Whatever it is, I don’t like being that guy who has something negative to say about every popular thing that comes up. So I try hard not to be that guy, even if my brain is going ‘whyyyy do people like this so much??’ It’s just really annoying, isn’t it? When you are loving something and some doofus pipes up with ‘this is dumb and bad because abc.’ Even if he’s right, you just want him to go away.

So even if I’m turning into that guy on the inside, I will strive not to show it on the outside…


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