Game of thrones Season 07 episode 03

Things are really speeding along… and, I appreciate it.

We’ve seen plenty of battles, we don’t need to see another one. We’ve spent long enough waiting for Jon and Dani to meet, we don’t need any more travel sequences. Things are happening, and it’s great that the writers feel confident enough to get done what the story needs to happen without focusing too much on the trivial fighting of it.

We’ve been having more intensely awesome conversations, than intense battles.

Olenna’s final finger at Jamie was amazing, and a great way for her to go out.

Cersie’s revenge was terrible, and just her style– but both of these deaths, were not shown. We don’t need to be shown the brutality any more, after seven years of it, we can imagine. Now we can spend more time on the story, instead of just the exciting images.

Loving this season so far, and looking very much forward to more…


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