Back from the doldrums

Hello world! I’ve been having a hard time writing lately, but I’m happy to say my funk is over, and I’m producing fictional words again! I’ve gone back to a project I was working on last year, and I’ve rediscovered the thread, which is not something I’m usually able to do when I’m away from a project for a long time. Yay new skills!

So what happened? How did I get my mojo back? I don’t really know for sure, but something shifted in me and I have motivation again. It happened while I was thinking about the future, and how life ends quicker than you think. I wan’t to leave some mark on the world, and if I don’t do it through writing, I don’t know how else I can. Even if I end up like an ancient person painting a cave wall, with my work unseen until long after I’m dead… well, at least I will have left something behind!

With that in mind I’m planning to release a collection of short stories this year. There are ten to fifteen stories I’ve written over the past few years that I feel are good enough to be read, so you’ll get to read them! I think putting them out as a collection makes more sense than one by one as blog posts, which I started doing. I’ll just put them on Smashwords, then start on writing more!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been doing. Feels good to be writing again.


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