Pure genius

I’ve just started this one by Vladimir Nabokov, and already am blown away just in the first pages. This guy is pure genius, and I wonder how he’s not ranked higher than he already is even. I’m laughing almost ever page as I read this, its just so subtly brilliant.

I wonder if as many people missed the point on this one as they did Lolita. It is so difficult for people to look past the surface. They think ‘it’s about pedophilia!’ or ‘It’s about a poem!’ and that’s as far as they go.

Though I’m just at the beginning, this book seems very similar to Lolita, in that it appears to be about a manipulative narcissist with delusions of grandeur who is not nearly as smart as he thinks. Except this one is hilarious and fun instead of dark and queasy.

Loving it and can’t wait to read the next page…

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