So slow oh no

Remember when I was excited about writing quicker? 20k words, hooray, I thought. Well, that was nearly two months ago… and I’ve only written 5k words since then. What is happening??

I think one important thing is knowing what your goal is. I ran out of things I was sure about, and had to manufacture more ideas–which should be a constant thing!–before I could continue on. So a lot of the ‘writing’ I’ve been doing over the past weeks has been all in my head, generating new material before I type it out.

I’ve been worrying about writing faster, but it actually seems what I need to do is think more. The more time I spend thinking about this book, the more material will be ready to write. Although I am also slow at actually typing it out, too. But the main part is knowing what I want to write next. When I have that, the words don’t stop coming, even if they are coming at a terribly slow rate.

Think think think! That’s what I got to do. Writing sure is hard.


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