Television is increasingly amazing while movies are festering sores on the face of all entertainment

I just heard the news that Dawn,the first in Octavia E. Butler’s Xenogenesis series is being made into a TV series!

The fact that this series would even be considered for anything on screen is testament to how awesome TV has become. There are no space battles or explosions in this series. There is no TV friendly conflict at all, really. The aliens aren’t sexy, but also aren’t fangy and spikey horror monsters that make for good shock value. All the plot and storyline is based on psychology and morality, and thoughtful dilemmas.

While people going to the movies get Transformers 8 and Fast and Furious 11, those watching TV are getting increasingly thoughtful and well done entertainment the likes of which we’ve never seen before.

So stop watching movies, and watch some TV! Maybe if the film industry stops making so much money, they’ll start producing stuff that isn’t hot garbage.


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