Humans are particularly good at not seeing things they find uncomfortable, or that upset the way they think the world works. In The City & The City this idea is taken literally…

Two cities occupy the same space, and each ignores the other. Language, script, styles of architecture and clothing let the citizens know who and what they should see. Why these cities ended up like this is still yet to be revealed, but the idea of it is very interesting to me.

In working to solve a murder, the detective of the story finds that a van was stolen and taken across the border to the ‘other’ city. This border crossing was done legally, with a permit, however since the van was in the style of the ‘other’ city, no one saw it. Or, they saw it, decided it was in the neighboring city based on its style, then unsaw it. Or willfully decided not to be aware of it. This is making it terribly difficult for the detective to find witnesses…

Loving this book so far–it’s a modern day detective novel, but set in a bizarre city that makes the mystery all the more entertaining.

Check it out!


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