Game of thrones season 7 ep 4

What a great episode! Some things we’ve been waiting a long time for finally happened, spoilers blah blah spoilers


We finally get to see a dragon in action, and it wrecked everything in its path. This is the action scene I’ve been hoping for since those little lizards first poked heads out of their shells, and it was worth the wait! These guys sure do make good battle scenes. It can’t top battle of the bastards, in my opinion, but following Bron through the chaos, fire and explosions was really thrilling. It felt almost like a modern war with bombs and artillery. I am sort of mystified why it was Bron who fired the scorpion, though, that seems somewhat random… but I’m glad we got to see Bron anyway! He had one of the many great lines in this episode. After young Dickon complains about the smell after a battle, Bron says “Men shit themselves when the die. Didn’t they teach you that at fancy lad school?” I laughed.

Will Jon bend the knee? Dani won’t give in, and Jon seems like he’s too good and too worried about his people and the realm in general to say no, if it will get him what he wants. I guess Dani and Jon are supposed to be attracted to eachother now? I didn’t get that at all, though, and I hope they aren’t going to be one of those no-chemistry couples. Davos had a great line though, after Jon says Dani has a good heart he says “I saw you staring at her heart.” I laughed at that, too.

Arya finally returns to Winterfell and sees her sis and bro! Bran is a weirdo, but we get a bit of an explanation why– “I remember being Bran, but I remember so much else, too.” Somehow he absorbed loads of memories when he was in the tree thing, it seems… intriguing! I was surprised to see that dagger again, and pleased when Arya got her deadly little hands on it. Her sparring with Brienne was awesome, and a good illustration of how capable Arya has become after all her faceless training.

“Who taught you how to do that?”

“No one.”


Watching Jamie charge at Dani with the lance at the very end was so intense, because either way it goes, you’re not going to be happy… all the characters have grown on me so. What a nail biter!

Can’t wait for the next one!





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