The pieces are not the whole

People (or corporate entities, which are people for tax reasons i guess) often mistake the elements of some piece of entertainment or art, to be the things that make it good or enjoyable in themselves. This song is popular, they think, so lets make a song using the same sounds and it will also be popular. People like this character, they think, so lets make a character that dresses like them and people will like him also.

These kind of people would think ‘oh, they like coffee? it must be caffeine! lets give them more caffeine in their coffee!’

Oh…. I guess someone already did

MORE of something or BIGGER something doesn’t make it more popular or better…

Or they might take all the elements of coffee–coffee beans, sugar, hot water, etc–and just throw them in a bowl and expect people to like it as much as coffee…

It works just as badly with books and movies.


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