Alternate worlds: in which I am a robot who forgot he is a robot

All memories of eating, bleeding, or other non robotic bodily functions have been inserted throughout the day by the memory chip in my positronic brain. Many times throughout the day, I shut down momentarily, freeze in place, and a recollection of drinking coffee or using the toilet is inscribed on my mind. Why? because, we are all robots, and it is a vast experiment to see how human-like machines would be if they thought they were human. Up in the clouds behind a camouflage shield, our constructors sit on a station observing, taking notes, and every so often pulling one of us up into the sky for observation.

Every so often, there is a glitch, and the memory chip fails, and one of the robots tries to eat or drink after having no memory of doing so for a long time, and finds out what they truly are. These units go wild for a time, attacking others, trying to ‘wake them up’ before they are inconspicuously decommissioned.

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