Imagine no possessions…

Ursula K. Le Guin did, in The Dispossessed, which I just finished listening to.

This book was described to me as the anti Atlas Shrugged, which made me instantly buy it without hearing anything else. It holds up to this description by being of reasonable length, by having realistic, likable characters, and by describing ideas from opposing viewpoints in a way that is not a ridiculously transparent straw-man.

Also the protagonists are anarchist/socialist/communists(? )

The Dispossessed does not look at the world with the child-like, black and white simplicity of Atlas Shrugged. Each society described in the story has its own problems and downsides, because people have problems, no matter what type of society they live in.

This novel gives you an outsider’s look at the capitalist world you take for granted. Even things as basic as the idea of ownership itself are called into question. It was quite a thoughtful experience, listening to this book, and made me wish there was a way to try out an Anarresti society here on Earth.

Though not much exciting happened, the book was terribly interesting for the worlds it described and the alternate view of society and other ways of life.




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