Pre-ordering a book?

I just pre-ordered Death’s End by Cixin Liu on audible. I can’t remember the last time I was so excited for a book, and I have never pre-ordered a book before!

It seems I’m always finding a series years after it’s been completed. But this one has made me wait painfully long for the conclusion, and I am chewing my nails waiting for it to finally get here on the 20th!

What I love so much about this series is the endless flow of ideas. Maybe the characters are thin, but damn does it make you think. Every chapter has some amazing new concept I’ve never even considered, and I love that feeling of having a new thought, of making a discovery. It’s quite an addicting feeling, and it’s been a long time since any book has given me the fix that these books have.

Just thinking about it is making me jones for that feeling… soon, soon!


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