The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

I watched this movie in two sittings because it was very long and I was bored by it. I remember being a fan of the original Lord of the Rings movies, and I loved the Hobbit the book, but this movie just… didn’t draw me in.

My favorite scenes from the book–Bilbo tricking the trolls into staying up all night, and Bilbo trading riddles with Golum, just seemed.. bland somehow in the movie. Maybe it’s because i’m all grown up now, but, Bilbo just seemed kind of, stumbling through everything by luck, instead of being clever and resourceful. I can’t say for sure if that’s how it was in the book or not, but its not how I remember it.

Also, the movie was just loads of action scenes, and action scenes are very boring when you know none of the characters are in any danger at all. I mean, you have 13 dwarves, a hobbit and a wizard–FIFTEEN characters, stumbling through a mine filled with goblins, crashing down chasms amid hails of arrows and fire, and not a single one is even injured. There is just no consequences for anything they do, and you end up feeling like you are just waiting for them to be saved, instead of being in anticipation for what might happen.

The movie looks nice though, and the acting is good i suppose. Hard to find good fantasy movies, so if you are a fantasy fan it’s pretty much a given. But I was mostly just bored by it.

Since I’ve only seen two movies this year, I guess that would make this the worst movie I’ve seen this year! How superlative!

I’ll be keeping track of my current best and worst movies seen this year on the ‘movies watched’ page. I’m sure this one wont stay in last place for long, it wasn’t a bad movie, just not very engaging or suspenseful for me.


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