The Great Gatsby. Still not sure if I read it.

Well, now I’ve finished it, but I still feel like I haven’t. I had a terrible time trying to pay attention to this one, but I think that was mostly the fault of the narrator. Jake Gyllenhaal (in a trend of having famous actors read classics) gives a dull, monotone reading that would put you to sleep if not for the constant, piercing s-whistles sprinkled throughout.

I already feel I’ll have to give this one yet another try, but next time I’ll be sure to do it in text form.

The parts that I could stay alert for were good, but anything can be boring when read in a tired, simple tone. It reminded me of a ninth grader being forced to read in front of their class, something they have no concept of or interest in understanding. Just words on a page, with no change in pace or rhythm, even when moving from describing a sunset to describing a deadly car crash.

The words will slide right off your brain into oblivion.



Mass shooting in [city], [number] dead

It is the deadliest shooting in US history, until next month.

Are the American people okay with this? Each week and month and year that goes by with nothing being done tells me that most are.

Imagine a world in which you can buy a tank at your local car dealership. Imagine in this world, that every month or so some crazy gets their tank on credit with no license or training, and that same day drives through his local neighborhood crushing cars and people and shooting houses until the military can get there to stop him.

Well, that is a lot of death and damage caused all the time, constantly, by crazy or evil or bigoted people getting into tanks.

But, we can’t do anything about that, can we? I need to have my right to buy and drive a tank responsibly if I want to. Not having to be licensed or trained or evaluated in any way when I want to go buy my second or third tank in the future, is much more important to me than making sure only responsible people own tanks. You see, if any kind of control over tank-buying is put in place, everyone might lose their right to own tanks at all!

It’s just something we have to live with, in a free world where everyone can own tanks and drive them in public.

Well you know what? I don’t want to live in a world where everyone can own their own tank, or rocket launcher or bandoleer of grenades. And I don’t want to live in a world where everyone owns a gun.

Call me whatever names you want, call me unpatriotic, call me a liberal snowflake, call me angry or scared or call me fascist or call me socialist. But the less tanks there are, the less crushed cars and destroyed houses there are. The less hand grenades there are, the less explosions there are. The less flame throwers there are, the less house-fires and melted people there are.

And the less guns there are, the less shootings there will be.

Is Irony dead?

Irony is not something easily sensed by everyone. Sarcasm can be immediately detected by tone, but irony is often meant to sound exactly like the opinion given. One might say a stupid opinion with a straight face, and expect it to be known that they are being ironic, because they couldn’t possibly be so stupid. But that is not how it works in reality. People believe all kinds of stupid and/or terrible things, and saying a terrible opinion ironically helps that terrible opinion spread just as much as saying it in earnest.

I don’t think we can afford to be ironic anymore. It is lost on too many people, or the irony goes on too long and morphs into reality.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say!

The world goes on

People you haven’t seen for a dozen years are doing interesting, exciting, boring, frustrating, amazing, awful things. They are making friends, having epiphanies, worrying over tough decisions, and maybe you pop into their head now and then, maybe more or less than they pop into your head.

The strange and huge world of other people’s lives is an endless thing that we can never know or comprehend except the edges, like how you can just barely grasp how huge the universe is if you tilt your mind at just the right angle.

We live in tiny bubbles of experience floating in a sea of other such bubbles, all connected and overlapping, but also isolated. Your world of people is different than mine or anyone’s. Your ecosystem of memories functions differently. You could step two feet and enter another persons world that is completely different from yours–different thoughts, different opinions, different jokes, different interpretations of events, different memories…

All it takes to cross bubbles, is a hello and a conversation…


The idea of dying, and being gone forever, never existing again, is scary. But the idea of always existing, forever, with no end no matter what you do, is pretty horrible too.

Maybe humans fear/are repelled by ideas of the infinite because everything we know is finite. Would experiencing something infinite relieve that fear? Maybe, but how to do that…

Everyone is a skeleton inside

Sometimes I see someone with a certain head shape and become very conscious of their skull moving around beneath their flesh. What strange bags of meat and bone we are.

Everything that makes you you, is electricity flashing in a few pounds of water and fat, balancing precariously on a pedestal of collagen and calcium.

Maybe the way we decorate our soft machines shouldn’t be so important…

Spiderman homecoming

I saw this over the weekend, and it’s the most entertaining super hero movie I’ve seen since Deadpool. It’s also the only super hero movie I’ve seen since Deadpool.

This movie is good because it has likable characters with understandable emotions and motivations and a plot that makes sense. The focus seems to have been on more than cool flips and explosions when making it. It does have lots of cool flips and explosions, too, but those aren’t the only thing holding the movie together, as so often seems the case.

Also, it’s not an origin story! We don’t have to spend the first 45 minutes or more of the movie watching Peter get bit by a spider, slowly change and experience weird abilities, go through several suit designs, blah blah blah. This movie correctly skips right to the start of the interesting stuff.

There was one moment, where the movie slowed down a bit and I was thinking ‘oh, do I really have to watch all this high school stuff?’ but then it kicked right back into gear, and my worries came to nothing.

This movie knows how to entertain. If you are worn down by all these super hero movies and about to give up on them, give this one a try. It will be a refreshing fun time.