Just 400?

I got to 400 books read on my Goodreads account recently, and though I’m sure that’s not every book I’ve ever read, it is not far off.

What a low number! I’ve been reading 25+ years, and that’s the number I’ve reached? I fee like I never have time to read these days, and in the past 6 years (since I’ve been keeping track) I’ve read/listened to nearly 150 books. So it seems like that total number should be much higher.

Those 400 books, then, are the ones I can remember reading. And if I can’t remember reading something, then I suppose I might as well not have read it anyway.

I seem to be reading at a reliable pace of 30ish books per year (even though I keep trying for 40) so, if I’m lucky, I’ll have time to read another ~1500 books in my life. Yikes! Is that a low number or what..

Seems to me that means I should pick up the pace…


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