The last day


This year I finished a novel, wrote and mostly edited a novella, wrote a number of short stories that I forgot to keep track of, made a blog post every day this year, read/listened to 34 novels, and helped start an online magazine. It’s been a productive year for writing!

Best novel I read this year: It was a very close call with Crime and Punishment, but I finally had to give my favorite choice this year to Lolita. Not only for the amazing writing, and memorable story, but because it led me to discover Nabokov, and literature in general. My tastes have completely morphed from sci fi/fantasy to mostly literary this year, and Lolita was the trigger.

Best thing I wrote this year: I believe my novella, tentatively called The Observer, is pretty great! It is the story of an artist and the creation of her greatest work, as told by an obsessed fan who also seems to be a disembodied mind. It’s not sci-fi or fantasy or speculative or horror or any genre really–so I’m not sure what I’ll do with it!

What will I do next year?… I guess I’ll find out tomorrow!


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