The next batch of words

I’ve been a bit stuck for the past few days, but the next scene has come to me. Thanks muse! Now I feel the floodgates will open again soon…

Sometimes I feel like (given my limited experience writing novels) the first 20 or 30% of writing is pulling things out of thin air. Then the rest is making them all fit together. That is percent total work, though, not done necessarily in order. (I have pulled a lot of things out of thin air that I haven’t written yet, for example, as well as connected some things that I haven’t yet written)

Eventually though I will reach the point where it’s time to stop making things up, and start focusing on connecting all the rest of the things that are unconnected. I may be nearing that point? It feels somewhat like it. I have the end in mind, and most of the themes are in place, and important characters introduced… we’ll see.

Feeling good about the progress I’ve made in the mindscape today though!


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