Spiderman homecoming

I saw this over the weekend, and it’s the most entertaining super hero movie I’ve seen since Deadpool. It’s also the only super hero movie I’ve seen since Deadpool.

This movie is good because it has likable characters with understandable emotions and motivations and a plot that makes sense. The focus seems to have been on more than cool flips and explosions when making it. It does have lots of cool flips and explosions, too, but those aren’t the only thing holding the movie together, as so often seems the case.

Also, it’s not an origin story! We don’t have to spend the first 45 minutes or more of the movie watching Peter get bit by a spider, slowly change and experience weird abilities, go through several suit designs, blah blah blah. This movie correctly skips right to the start of the interesting stuff.

There was one moment, where the movie slowed down a bit and I was thinking ‘oh, do I really have to watch all this high school stuff?’ but then it kicked right back into gear, and my worries came to nothing.

This movie knows how to entertain. If you are worn down by all these super hero movies and about to give up on them, give this one a try. It will be a refreshing fun time.

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