Alternate Worlds: in which reality is opinion

In this world, augmented reality technology is so advanced, that ‘real’ is up for debate. Anything you see can be altered to look like anything you want. Anything you feel can be altered to feel however you chose. Any video can be faked, any words anyone says can be altered. The majority  chooses reality, or individuals can isolate themselves into their own realities. If it is decided by the majority that the color blue does not exist, for example, then blue will be edited from everyone’s vision, removed from all language and recordings. Any individual talking about blue or claiming they see it will just be a crazy outsider, or will have their words muted. The functional reality would be one without the color blue. You would have to learn to live in this reality and accept it, or be a social outcast. The next day, blue might be back in existence and you’d have to go on as if it had always been. The day after, the world may be flat, and all contrary evidence removed…

How would fiction exist in this world when no one knows for sure what is real, and what is ‘real’ today may be false tomorrow? No one reading a fiction story would know if a dragon flying across the sky was supposed to be ordinary or odd, and might expect the rules of the fictional world to completely change from one page to the next.


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