Borne: why?

Finally finished this book, and I’m left with a lot of question. Mainly: what was the point? This post contains spoilers.


What was Borne’s purpose? What was Morde’s purpose? What was the magician trying to do, other than kill Morde? Was the whole story just an essay against scientific meddling? Borne, the most interesting part of the story, is not in it for the second half of the book, except to be involved in a giant off-screen monster fight–so why does he get the title of the story? Why is everything suddenly great once Morde is gone? If Rachel and Wick are ‘not people’ but instead ‘biotech’ what does this mean? How can I care if it has no effect on them or anything they do? Rachel’s parents died in such a horrible way that she chose to have her memory erased–so, how did they die? Is Rachel having her memory erased just a lazy way to avoid having a backstory? The surprise of this reveal is not worth the lack of development it causes in the viewpoint character.

On the verge of interesting most the time, but overall very frustrating to follow this along and see it reaching for, but not quite grasping, a good story.



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