It’s the end of the world as we know it

I don’t feel fine, though.

Is this why old people are so bitter? I’m not even 40 yet, what is going on! I’m writing rambling, angry posts about the world instead of about writing…

Our freedom, health, and human dignity is being attacked on all sides by the grossly rich and powerful. And now, in the US anyway, these obese, blood clots in our economy’s veins are enabled by the government instead of restrained by it.

How to survive in this new world? Will I be able to speak my mind in the future? Will I be able to access and to spread information? Will my audience and voice be choked? Who knows. If there’s a way to make more money by choking someone, they will be choked, regardless of what’s right, or what makes people happy. In fact, making people happy is probably contrary to what the rich want. A happy consumer doesn’t spend as much money as a depressed, angry or lonely one.

#1 rule of surviving our corpocracy: Don’t trust anyone with lots of money. Their main objective is and will always be to retain or expand their wealth, regardless of who it hurts or what it destroys.

#2 rule: Speak your mind, loud and clear, while you can. You never know what latent frustration you will wake in others, or what might spur them to act.

#3 rule: Resist without fear. Giving in, giving up, despair, malaise, resignation, cynicism–anything that keeps you from acting, speaking out, standing up–dump all of these feelings and stay strong.

Get out of your shell and speak your mind, before it’s too late…


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