Missing the point: IT

I saw the trailer for this remake, and I can’t help but wonder if they are missing the point a bit…

I remember Pennywise the clown being a villain in cheerful, friendly guise. In the new trailer, the ‘clown’ is pretty much a zombie in face paint. The surface is all that matters, it seems. The scary demon is just that, a scary demon ghost monster, whatever–instead of being in an innocent costume to appeal to children, and only revealing it’s evil nature slowly. More proof that subtlety is completely lost on people these days?

I suppose trailers do always show you the ‘best’ parts of the movie, so maybe it is a creepy clown and not an evil demon that has face paint on for some reason. But, I have no faith in movies anymore. I expect it to be packed full of jump scares and people bending over backwards to walk upside down and twisted up, or to open their mouths unnaturally wide and shriek, then run away all vibraty-like.

But maybe that’s just me. I can’t remember being creeped out by a movie since David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, or The Ring. Startled? Yes. Loud noises tend to do that, it’s a human reflex. But creeped out? No, not really.

We’ll see…


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