Knowledge is power–that’s why it’s so expensive

In America, you have to pay lots and lots of money to get an education. So much so these days, that if you aren’t born well off, it’s pretty prohibitive. The steadily rising costs of education could be seen as the natural end result of a capitalist society–a product in demand will rise in price. Or if you are the sort to see conspiracies, it could be something else.

Those in power naturally want to stay in power. And if knowledge is power, the best way to keep it from getting into the hands of others, is to prevent the average person from being able to get an education.

The rich stay rich, and their kids stay rich and pay for a nice education, and so on. The poor stay poor and their kids can’t afford an education, and so on.

After all, if everyone was well educated, who would the rich have to exploit?


Money, the root of all pains

If only we could live without it. I never have had fantasies of being rich and powerful, just of being free to follow my interests and not have my energy monopolized by merely surviving.

Why, with all our technology and resources, are we still having the majority of people in our society wasting their lives away doing drudge work?

Not a future I hope to live in…

Power causes brain damage

This article explains a lot about current situations in some governments…

I wonder if this could be prevented in anyway… there always has to be some people in power. Though some seem to handle it better than others.

It is depressing that even such a small amount of power has a measurable effect.

If I became a manager, would I become a worse writer for lack of empathy?


Time stopping powers

Very often, unusually often probably, I wish I could stop time and just sit and read or write all day. Now I wonder why our world is such that I need to imagine fantastic powers for myself, just in order to read all day…

In the future, unless things change, even when we have robots and AIs to do all conceivable work for us that is needed to survive, corporations and those in power will still find ways to eat up all our time with work.

If AIs and robots are going to take up all the jobs (and they will) we need a society that doesn’t require money or work to live. It’s not the society we’re in now, I can tell you that much…

Alternate Worlds: in which the lottery is mandatory and the winner is either bankrupted or has all debt cleared

Every day a random identifying number is drawn, and the citizen selected has their wealth neutralized. If they have a positive net worth, the excess is taken and put into the lottery’s pool. If they have a negative net worth, the balance is cleared using funds from the pool.

In this world, anyone could instantly be saved or ruined. The rich may be more sympathetic to those without, knowing that they could be there on any given day. The very impoverished might have more hope, too.

Of course, the lottery system would have to be iron clad and unquestionable, to prevent the rich from buying or bribing their way out of it.

It’s the end of the world as we know it

I don’t feel fine, though.

Is this why old people are so bitter? I’m not even 40 yet, what is going on! I’m writing rambling, angry posts about the world instead of about writing…

Our freedom, health, and human dignity is being attacked on all sides by the grossly rich and powerful. And now, in the US anyway, these obese, blood clots in our economy’s veins are enabled by the government instead of restrained by it.

How to survive in this new world? Will I be able to speak my mind in the future? Will I be able to access and to spread information? Will my audience and voice be choked? Who knows. If there’s a way to make more money by choking someone, they will be choked, regardless of what’s right, or what makes people happy. In fact, making people happy is probably contrary to what the rich want. A happy consumer doesn’t spend as much money as a depressed, angry or lonely one.

#1 rule of surviving our corpocracy: Don’t trust anyone with lots of money. Their main objective is and will always be to retain or expand their wealth, regardless of who it hurts or what it destroys.

#2 rule: Speak your mind, loud and clear, while you can. You never know what latent frustration you will wake in others, or what might spur them to act.

#3 rule: Resist without fear. Giving in, giving up, despair, malaise, resignation, cynicism–anything that keeps you from acting, speaking out, standing up–dump all of these feelings and stay strong.

Get out of your shell and speak your mind, before it’s too late…

Losing optimism

Oryx and Crake is slowly revealing information as to how the end of the world happened. Now we have learned that health corporations were creating diseases in order to sell the cure. And I tried, but I couldn’t come up with one reason why real healthcare corporations wouldn’t do this at some point in real life. When healing people is a for-profit industry, what else could possibly happen?

I used to be quite optimistic about technology and the future, but the more powerful and unrestrained corporations become, the less hopeful I am that any advances will be helpful to the average person.

Too much fear and distrust is pointed at governments, when the real power (and thus, danger) lies with the rich. The more money someone has, the more they are willing to do to get even richer. That’s what we should be watching out for…

Anyway, that’s enough soap-boxing, now back to writing entertaining and only subtly preachy things!