Losing optimism

Oryx and Crake is slowly revealing information as to how the end of the world happened. Now we have learned that health corporations were creating diseases in order to sell the cure. And I tried, but I couldn’t come up with one reason why real healthcare corporations wouldn’t do this at some point in real life. When healing people is a for-profit industry, what else could possibly happen?

I used to be quite optimistic about technology and the future, but the more powerful and unrestrained corporations become, the less hopeful I am that any advances will be helpful to the average person.

Too much fear and distrust is pointed at governments, when the real power (and thus, danger) lies with the rich. The more money someone has, the more they are willing to do to get even richer. That’s what we should be watching out for…

Anyway, that’s enough soap-boxing, now back to writing entertaining and only subtly preachy things!


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