Create without conditions

Imagine a cellist playing one of Bach’s solo suites. Does he consider his audience? (Did Bach, for that matter?) Does he play the suite differently to audiences of different incomes and educations and social backgrounds? No, the work selects its audience. — Verlyn Klinkenborg

One could argue the above quote by noting that pop bands certainly do consider their audience. They have formula and requirements (as do pop novels) in order to meet the perceived needs of the consumer.

But do you want to be a manufacturer, or an artist?

Write what your passion drives you to write. Sure, you can look to the formulas of pop factories for ideas or suggestions on how to frame your story–but do not for one second be afraid to break from them. If you want a story that is designed in the way you want to write it, then there are surely others like you who want to read that story.

You are unrestrained, flying free, infinitely powerful, creator and destroyer of worlds and realities, bender of time.

Act like it!


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