I finished the short story I was writing, and now I’m already planning the next novel. Shorts are too short! I want to dig in and put some real thought and effort into something again.

This one is going to be a murder mystery… in space. It has a lot more characters than I usually work with, and each will be a POV character for a short while (I know, I know I just went over how too many POV’s suck, but I think I’ve got a gimmick to make it work,  you’ll see!) I’m spending a lot more time than I usually do figuring out who they are, what they want, etc. And it’s a lot of fun so far!

I know I said I wasn’t sure I could ever write a mystery, since I don’t do the whole ‘outlining’ or ‘planning’ stuff. But, I really want to give it a try. Sure, it might be a huge waste of time, but so what! Let’s live for today, tomorrow may never come. I think it will be fun to write, and if it turns out like crap at least I’ll have learned something.



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