My books are free again

All my kindle catalog is free for this weekend!

Queen of Bones: About a soldier and a sorcerer tracking a murderer through a desert

In the Water: About an encounter with an alien that affects consciousness

Iapetus Shift: A Science Fiction Novella: About a shape-shifting assassin trying to get out of the business

Check them out, free, today and tomorrow, and if you like them please leave a review on Amazon–even just one sentence and a star rating is very helpful!



That thing I was talking about that had gripped me? Yeah, well, it let go…

I’m really terrible at staying focused…

Now I’ve decided to try something new that I’ve never done in my life… rewriting!

I’m going to go back over one of my unfinished novels, clean it up, and see if I can find the thread of what I was doing and follow it to an end of some kind.

I had around 40k words, so, it seems a shame to let it all go to waste.

Let’s see if I can make something out of it.

Also, its a fun sci fi adventure, instead of whatever pretentious nonsense I was trying to write just now. Got to get back to my roots!

Something to write about

I’ve been writing a new thing.

I’m not even ten thousand words in, but already it has gripped me, and I feel sure I’ll follow it to the end, wherever that may be.

It’s nice to have something to work on every day again. A direction to turn my wandering mind.

I feel I will progress much faster than I did on the novel I just finished–simply due to the confidence at having done it before.


How long will it be? This long

What’s it about? A person and a “person”

What genre is it? Words


That’s all I can say for now. But it is something. And it will eventually exist!

brain cold

I’ve been sick the past couple days. Usually I don’t feel like this, but it feels like my brain is being affected. I feel slower, confused, foggy. Usually I just feel tired and achy. I wonder if the cold virus will evolve to make people stupid while they are sick. It would lead to more sneezes and coughs in other people’s faces after all…

I probably shouldn’t be writing in this state…

Mind games

I’ve started reading ‘The Glass Bead Game’ by Herman Hesse, mainly because the title made me think of go. The story features a fictional game that is very abstract and deals with concepts and ideas as the ‘pieces’. The players are intellectual elites who use pieces of knowledge or pieces of culture to play their games. The opening of the book is a history of the game’s origins and evolution to its current state, in the future world of the novel.

This opening, detailing a fictional future world where intellect and the mind are valued, made me wish our world could be like that. Thinking and knowledge for the sake of it, for the improvement of your own self and your understanding of the world–is not ‘in fashion’ anymore in our world. Knowledge and intellect are valued only as much as they can be used to make money or increase power. Philosophy is laughed at, the arts are considered a waste of time, history is viewed as a political tool, music is for selling tickets.

Can we return to an age of thought and reason and imagination and introspection? It’s what our species does best–what makes us stand out from the other animals. Let’s not let it fall away in favor of fighting and destruction.




Simple goals

Have a goal, a simple achievable one. Not simple as in easy, but simple as in not complex.

‘Write a novel’ is simple (not easy.)

‘Write 3000 words per week, or two chapters, every other week poetry counts as x2 word count, weekends don’t count, and each story submitted counts as an extra thousand words toward the goal’ or some such nonsense, is over complicated and confusing (though not necessarily hard.)

Once you have your simple goal, make a plan to achieve it.

What does writing a novel take? Come up with a simple, straightforward plan to reach  your goal.

“If I write x words per day, my novel will be complete in x months.” Are both of these x’s acceptable to you? Can  you write x words every day? Can you bear to wait x months? Once they are, bam, you’re on your way.

Once you’re on that path, each day will move you closer to your goal. All you have to do is start! (I know that’s not ALL you have to do, I’m being encouraging!)

Do it!

Nested narratives

I’m about 3/4 done with Cloud Atlas and am starting to see the design of it. And it’s really great. At first I thought that the first three, maybe even four narratives had no relevance to the final two, where the action and interest really kicked off. But now, as I begin to see how they relate to each other, I’m thinking in the bigger picture they may make sense together after all.

I’m wondering how the heck this was ever made into a movie, and losing interest in seeing whatever hatchet job they undoubtedly made of it with every chapter I read.

Movies are becoming a storytelling device of the past, I think. They are short stories, flash fiction. Long-form television is the only way to properly tell a story with the depth of a decent novel–and is definitely needed for something with the narrative creativity of Cloud Atlas.

If you do check it out, have patience! Each part is more interesting than the last…