Baby steps

The idea of writing a novel seems way too big when you think about it as a whole. But take baby steps, and you’ll get there, one tiny shuffle forward at a time. Try not to think of it as a huge project. If you keep thinking you better watch that sword that’s hanging over you, it will be a long hard road.

I remember as I was writing my current project early on, I kept telling myself it was just a short project, just a few thousand words more to go. As it grew and grew I was only focusing on the next thing to do, the next few thousand words, the next couple scenes, without considering all the massive amounts of work ahead. That way, I didn’t drown.

As I get used to longer things instead of short stories, I’m sure this state of mind won’t be necessary. But as I have not much experience writing huge things, I have to keep myself focused on the little picture.

With baby steps, you can do anything!


One Reply to “Baby steps”

  1. I like starting small too and just slowly expanding to see if the story has legs. Then before you know it you have the outline for a longer work 🙂

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