The Warrior’s Apprentice

I finished this today on audible, and though it had some fun, clever action and witty, likable characters, I never really got into it enough to care about what was happening.

As mentioned in previous posts, I was at a loss for the main character’s motivation. He sometimes seems to  want to impress his father by being soldierly, but other times wants desperately for his father to never find out anything he’s doing and to escape it all. He Doesn’t seem to be after adventure or money, he is somewhat after love but nothing he is doing could ever be seen to be bringing him closer to that goal.

What does Miles want? After the end of the book I’m still not sure. I think it is ‘to be a soldier’ but any reference to these desires throughout the story seem to have been forgotten.

Miles is the perfect character for an adventure story: a proactive one. He solves problems, he takes action, he is against the odds but still tries for a solution. These are all great attributes that are missing in too many adventure stories. But all this is kind of deflated by the fact that I have no idea what the character is putting himself in danger for, what he is trying to live for, other than the banal reason of simply not dying.

Without an overall objective that is clear to the reader throughout, even the most proactive character is still going to come across as a passive one with things just happening to them.


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