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Hi friends. I’ve begun publishing my first sci fi novella for free on Wattpad, the first 2 chapters are up and you can read them here:

All the chapters will eventually be posted for free, over the next weeks.

I’d appreciate likes and follows on that site, as I’m fairly new to it. And check out my other stories I’ve been posting there too 🙂



Happy Death Day

In the style of Groundhog Day, or more recently Edge of Tomorrow, Tree Gelbman (Jessica Rothe) is a college student living the same day over and over. Except she keeps getting murdered.

I never know what to expect from movies anymore, but I usually default toward expecting them to be dumb. This one was less dumb than I expected, and actually turned out to be a lot of fun.

Different than most slasher, horror flicks, we get a lot more death in this one because the main character can die over and over in all kinds of ways. It’s not very gore heavy, which is great by my standards, but it still manages to be very tense.  The fact that you know she’s going to just wake up each time she dies makes it even more impressive that they kept any tension at all.

I laughed a couple times, smiled more than a few, and cringed and gasped once or twice too. But most of all, my attention was held the entire time.

Only a few things irritated me, one being when she finds out that Carter–the guy who’s dorm room she is waking up in over and over–and she didn’t have sex (which she’d assumed she must have) but that he just put her in his bed because she was pass out drunk. There is a little smile and ‘dawwww moment between them. But all I can think is ‘she’s feeling warm and fuzzy that he DIDN’T RAPE her?’ But I guess expecting not to be raped on a college campus might be a lot to ask these days…

Another thing that annoyed me is, sorry to spoil but, there is never a reason why she is living the day over and over. The opening leads me to believe it has something to do with her mom’s death, but that never comes into play.

In Groundhog Day we find out he had to be a good person, in Edge of Tomorrow it was alien blood/slime, but in this one it’s a big ???

That, however annyoing it might sound, is actually not a big deal though, because the movie is so fun, and Jessica Rothe is so good. I expect she’ll be in a lot more movies soon, she was very charming and convincingly scared or terribly mean as was required of her.

Good stuff!


The Spy Who Came In from the Cold by John le CarrĂ©

I finished The Spy Who Came in from the Cold and it was not what I had expected.

What comes to mind when you think of a spy novel? Action? James Bond gadgets and iconic villains with plans for world domination? Explosions and murder in the dark?

le Carré writes perhaps the complete opposite of the James Bond style spy story. It is realistic, intriguing, clever, and most importantly you have to think about it. The plots and plans are subtle and in depth. The way real intelligence agencies might plan something, the way a real spy might have to act.

I love when an author doesn’t act like I’m an idiot, or too stupid to understand something. It is very refreshing in these days of simplistic popcorn action stories where the slightest twist has to be agonizingly explained for the people who spent half of it scrolling through their phones.

I was very impressed by this book and am going to pick up another le Carré book for my next read.

Fargo season 3

I finished this on my long plane rides too and from Singapore these past weeks, and enjoyed it quite a lot. I could not get into season 2, and gave up about halfway through and had no plans to watch this season until a co worker highly recommended it. I’m glad I gave it a chance!

The season is about the rivalry between two brothers, but also about predatory corporations, and about truth, and reality, and about how perception can be reality. It’s also about random life screwing you over, which seems to be a theme in Fargo.

The ending left me a bit disappointed, not because it was ambiguous, but because of what it said about a certain character.


Nikki Swango, who until the very end seemed to be the hero of the show, in her last act, murders an innocent person. This seems a downer note to end on, and put a kind of black mark on her character. True, she was never an up and up citizen, but she seemed to have a good heart, good intentions. This final act also kills her, so maybe that is some kind of symbolism or something, but I didn’t like the way it left me feeling.


Overall a very good season, well written, and very artistic at times. Highly recommended!


That thing I was talking about that had gripped me? Yeah, well, it let go…

I’m really terrible at staying focused…

Now I’ve decided to try something new that I’ve never done in my life… rewriting!

I’m going to go back over one of my unfinished novels, clean it up, and see if I can find the thread of what I was doing and follow it to an end of some kind.

I had around 40k words, so, it seems a shame to let it all go to waste.

Let’s see if I can make something out of it.

Also, its a fun sci fi adventure, instead of whatever pretentious nonsense I was trying to write just now. Got to get back to my roots!

No one else will

I recently went to lunch with some coworkers, and while we were eating an elderly woman fell and hit her head. An instant after it happened, two of my coworkers rushed to her side and were helping her up. They sat and talked with her till the ambulance came. None of the other perhaps 30 people nearby moved an inch. Including me.

I could give the excuse that I was on the inside of a booth and couldn’t easily get out, or that I don’t know anything about first aide or talking to people (sure I could lie to myself too, but that won’t work seeing that I’ve tried.) But that, or something similar, is probably what everyone else in the restaurant was thinking. There are always plenty of reasons not to take action.

You should take for granted that no one else is going to act–not the reverse. Because that’s how people are. Someone else will do it, we think. Someone else is more qualified. Someone else will do a better job. Change these automatic thoughts, and replace them with responsibility. It’s up to you to do what needs to be done.

So do it!


Stop avoiding confrontation

If someone is saying something you disagree with, speak up. Silence, or polite smiling and nodding, is equal to agreeing with them in their minds. Imagine you are going on about how awesome Nickleback is and everyone around you is either silent or nodding absently. You are going to assume your opinion is perfectly normal, and even agreed with by most people around you.

This is how abhorrent ideas and harmful beliefs have spread around us. Because we don’t contradict them. We are too worried about shaking the boat, or don’t want to make someone feel bad, or we want to be polite, or think we don’t know enough about the subject–the same old fourteen reasons why not to speak up.

Well, it’s your job as a human to speak up. So stop holding back. Disagree!