Everything is temporary

It is so easy to take things for granted. But any of the things you enjoy in life could vanish at any moment. Not only that, but they almost certainly will vanish or change at some point before your death.

Do you love your job? You won’t always have it. Or even if you somehow do keep that same job until your death, you won’t always have the same boss, the same coworkers, the same responsibilities, the same office, the same hours–all the things that add up to make your job one you love. Your circumstances are temporary, so appreciate them while you have them.

Do you love writing? You won’t always be able to write the way you do. Your circumstances will change, you’ll get other responsibilities, you’re tastes will change, your schedule will change–something will happen to make it harder, and these circumstances that are helping you be so productive will end. Enjoy them while you can. Make use of them while you can.

But the bad things are temporary, too.

That boss that makes your life  hell will move on to some other job. The writer’s block will pass. The pain will stop. Keep hope, and endure.




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