I wonder if Shakespeare ever suspected his writings would be the subject of entire classes, hundreds of years later. Did Van Gogh ever imagine even in his most optimistic dreams that replicas of his works would be hanging in dorm rooms across the world in the 21st century? I doubt it.

They are still influencing minds today, long after their own deaths. They managed to send some effect to the future, to reach out through time in some way. That inspires me. Not to be famous, but to create something that will last longer than me. Something that might in some way affect the minds of people in a future I’ll never experience and could never understand. But to still be part of it somehow, through a creation.

That’s the dream!


One Reply to “Immortality”

  1. Well, apparently, in one of Shakespeare’s sonnets he did mention his work would last longer than him so my Professor told in a lecture he felt his words would have some longevity in some form for someone in some way (as it was a personal poem to someone I think that was the message). So, there is that XD

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