I’ve had it up to my frontal lobe with this bullshit. It is 20 god damn 17, we should not be afraid of knowledge and learning anymore. We should not see a person in pursuit of understanding as an automatic enemy. What is wrong with all of you writers out there? Seriously, what is your problem?

I understand the distrust of the new that old people have, and I get that change is uncomfortable and makes you wring your hands and shift your feet like a child being told they have to do a chore they don’t like. But get over it. I am sick of your petulant fears showing up in all my fiction. Because I for one admire those on the frontier of knowledge. I look up to those explorers making the discoveries that save lives and make living easier. And I am so sick of them being the villain in every single popular story I read that I am ready to toss the book in the trash when I encounter it.

Please stop!

Even in the story of a zombie apocalypse(yes, the Girl with all the Gifts again), the lone scientists trying to find a cure is still somehow portrayed as a villain. She’s cold, heartless, (read: driven, determined) and we are supposed to instead feel for the murderous zombies she’s cutting up.

Can I please have a story where the person seeking knowledge and understanding is the hero, and the Luddite simpletons wishing for the status quo are the villains trying to impede her? Please? Can I please cheer for the hero of the story instead of the villain? Is that so much to ask?

This must be another reason I only read sci fi.



  1. I think I want a novel that can actually look at both groups in a balanced way than a either/or perspective. There are Luddites in every sphere or discipline and there are “ultra” people in each group. I feel bad when female scientists are portrayed evil or villainous needlessly that is also a sexist problem. You see women in places of power in any field and there is a mass tilt towards showing her “flaws.” Also, yeah, it is funny that status quo people are usually branded as heroes when people in the real world trying to changing things are usually the heroes. A game I am playing right now shows the protag as someone who doesn’t want to keep the status quo in many ways and she is the hero. It takes a lot of imaginative and also realistic thinking to write a hero like that. And, that is hard to do.

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