Harnessing the excitement of a blank page


The new year is a blank page, full of endless possibilities. People feel they can start over, be anyone, do anything. If only there was a way to keep this feeling going past the first few weeks.

For me, the excitement of starting fresh, of having no boundaries or guidelines or boxes to work within, is one of the main feelings that inspire me to write. When working on something longer, though, it’s hard to get through numerous chapters without that feeling fading.

I’ve found that starting a new document when I reach a new chapter or section can help me extend this excitement a little bit when I’m working on a longer project. The new, blank page does not have the weight of thousands of words hanging above it, and I can feel for a moment, like I really can write anything. That impression of freedom alone is often enough to sprout some new ideas I wouldn’t have considered before.

Try it!


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