Quantity over Quality

The year is almost over, and it’s going to be the worst year–as far as number of views–that my blog has had since its creation.

Probably cause I went three months without making a post.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that in the world of unknown writers, quality without quantity is as useless as an army of one. As pointless as a single, perfectly designed, edited and polished shout for help out the window of a burning building.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that quality is useless to worry about at all. Finishing things and putting them out into the world regularly and constantly is the only thing that will get you noticed.

No matter how good your novel is, if you only write one your chances of success are slim.

I’m sure there are millions of brilliant, took-10-years-to-write, life’s work novels sitting unpublished in office drawers around the world out there. Because not every novel gets published. Very few of them do, in fact. And if your odds are so low, why spend 10 years working on it? If you had instead written ten or twenty novels in those ten years, the odds of success would be exponentially higher.

And who wants to write just one thing, anyway? Why not write 2 or 3 novels a year? It’s just words on paper, you can produce those endlessly right? Right. (I say, as I come upon the stunning pinnacle of halfway through one novel in the past year… )

Same goes for blog posts, and short stories, poems, articles, whatever you write. Produce lots of it, or no one will ever know you exist.

If you are worried about improving, though, it just so happens that writing a lot of stuff is the main way to get better at writing. Not, as some may think, sitting around reading about how to write, taking writing classes, and fretting over each sentence until you have the perfect paragraph six hours later.

Write ten ‘crappy’ stories this month instead of one ‘perfectly crafted’ one.  Do that for a few months, then check how good your ‘crappy’ stories are compared to the ‘perfectly crafted’ ones of your past. You may be surprised how quickly you can improve by actually doing the thing you are trying to improve at.

Anyway, my point is, if you are going to focus on some aspect of your writing to improve, your quantity is a pretty good choice.


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