Book clubs: how do you do it?

I can’t time my desire to read a book. It’s almost like the books I pick decide for me to read them. So the couple times I’ve tried to join a book club, I’ve always ended up reading something else than what I’m supposed to.

I like the idea of having a discussion with people about the book as we read along, but even if you manage to get everyone reading the book, they won’t read it at the same pace.

Maybe we are aiming too high with the current format, and the book club should be re-imagined as a club for people who read books regularly. Those people are hard enough to find, these days.

I wouldn’t mind having a group where we meet every couple weeks and just talk about what we’re reading currently. It would be a neat way to be exposed to other genres and things you wouldn’t normally read, without having to spend precious reading time actually reading the book.

Reading club? Sounds good to me.


One Reply to “Book clubs: how do you do it?”

  1. I tried putting a group together like that because I couldn’t read through a book someone else picked out for me and people wanted to get books picked out for them. So I quit my own reading group lol.

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